The Yankee-Class Submarine is a class of hunter-killer type Submarines utilized by the Soviet Navy and the Soviet Union/U.S.S.R. This class of nuclear-powered Submarines were due to be retired before the planned Soviet invasion of NATO, however they were kept for the control of the Siberian Sea and the North Atlantic during the War


Prelude To World War IIIEdit

During the prelude to the planned Soviet invasion of NATO, the Soviet Union was rapidly decreasing its deployed weaponized technology for the increasing worldwide peace and security that they had wanted to come. Because of this, the Politburo and the Defense Agency had made the executive descision of disabling all eight Yankee-Class Submarines from deployment and usage. It would take however one to two weeks to remove the naval vessels batteries, which was considerably less than other navies vessels, such as the United States Navy's; which was noted by National Security Agency operator, Robert M. Toland.