The T-80 Main Battle Tank was a Main Battle Tank designed and used by the Soviet Union. They use it as their Army's primary main heavy battle tank. During World War III, large numbers of them were deployed into Western Europe as part of the assault, Operation: Red Storm.



The T-80 is used as the all-out primary main heavy battle tank.


The T-80 MBT has heavy-class armor, that is capable of withstanding numbers of gunfire and small-arms fire. The armor has a chance of withstanding medium-class firepower including cannons and rockets, but against heavy firepower, it is all based on sheer luck as the vehicle has heavy-class armor.


The T-80 MBT has sheer firepower and is thus armed with an array of powerful weapons. Its primary armament is a huge, powerful, 2A46-2 125mm Smoothbore Cannon, capable of inflicting massive damage on an enemy unit and/or structure. Its secondary armament is either a 9M112 Kobra Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher, or a 9M119 Reflekts Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher that is equipped with advanced targeting lasers and sensors. Both are capable with/of advanced targeting capabilities, almost always hitting their target. Its tirshiary armament is either a PKT 7.62mm Coaxial Heavy Machine Gun, or a NSVT Anti-Aircraft HMG, or a PKT Anti-Aircraft HMG; in which all are effective against infantry.