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The T-72 MBT.

The T-72 Main Battle Tank, or the T-72 MBT, is a main battle tank used by the Soviet Army. It is a medium mainline tank, even used on the same lines as the T-80 MBT. The T-72 MBT has medium armor, and is armed with a 2A46M 125mm Smoothbore Main Gun, plus one PKT 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun, as well as one NSVT 12.7mm Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun.


Operation: Polar GloryEdit

The Amphibious AssaultEdit

At an unidentified time, the MV Julius Fucik deployed four AAV/U that were advancing directly to the coastline to make a desicive amphibious assault. Troops, Cargo Trucks, BMPs and T-72s rolled out which headed for Klefavik Airport. After the missile strike, the Airport was in near utter ruins, and most of the forces there were either dead or retreating. The forces rolled in and fired upon the remaining forces there; a small battle ensued. However the Soviet forces were overwhelming, and soon took over the area. The T-72s led the way, and safeguarded the area until the Soviets were in complete and utter control of the area, with the Airport secured and fully functional.