The T-62 Main Battle Tank, or the T-63 MBT, or just the T-62; is a Soviet Light Main Battle Tank tank used on the frontlines for scouting/recon, patrol, escort and general combat. The vehicle is perfect for escort, because of its fast speed, long-range visibility and high firepower. The T-62 has a variety of different weaponry. It primary armament is one 2A20 115mm Smoothbore Cannon. Its secondary armament is composed of two different weapons; one PKT 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun, and one DShK 1938/1946 Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun. The T-62 however is lightly armored, capable of withstanding gunfire and small-arms fire but is highly vulnerable to heavy weapons such as cannons, rockets and missiles; it can be destroyed in a single hit. However it can compensate for this with fast speed, great maneuvaribility and agility, and long-range visibilty. The T-62 Main Battle Tank was operational and served during the Third World War, specifically during Operation: Polar Glory and Operation: Red Storm