The P-3C Orion was an American turboprop anti-submarine warfare and maritime survelliance/intelligence aircraft used for anti-submarine warfare and providing sufficient intelligence extracted by the aircraft. It was exclusively developed for and used by the United States Navy



The P-3 Orion has a wide variety of different roles. The aircraft is a naval aircraft, and is mostly launched and used on Aircraft Carriers. The first role is Maritime Survelliance/Intelligence, in which the P-3 Orion is designed and used for patrolling the surrounding waters of a naval vessel, and gather any and all available Maritime Intelligence/Data and survey the area for any enemy forces to relay to friendly forces. The second role is, if need be, to take out any detected enemy naval vessel in the imminent vicinity of the aircraft. The P-3 is equipped with a variety of the anti-submarine and anti-ship weapons on ten hardpoints to intercept any approaching naval vessel in the area.


The Crew of the P-3 Orion is up to eleven personell/airmen. First there is a Patrol Plane Commander. There is also a Patrol Plane 2nd Pilot, or the Pilot, and the Patrol Plane 3rd Pilot, or the Co-Pilot. Then there is the Patrol Plane Tactical Coordinator, then the Patrol Plane Navigator/Communicator. Also, there are two flight engineers; and three sensor operators, one Radar Sensor Operator and two Acoustic Radar Operators. Lastly, there is one Flight Technician and one Aviation Ordanancemen.


The P-3C Orion has ten hardpoints along its twin wings, which is able to carry a wide variety of different weapons including air-to-surface missiles, bombs and others such as naval mines and Sono Buoys. Its possible missile outload includes either AGM-65 Mavericks, AGM-84 Harpoons or the Standoff Land Attack Missile. Its possible Bomb outload includes either MK44, MK46, MK50, MK54 or MU90 Impact Torpodoes. As for its other weapons, the P-3 Orion could have either MK25, MK39, MK55, MK56, MK60 CAPTOR, MK56 Quickstrike Naval Mines, Stonefish Naval Mines or active and passive Sono Buoys.


Because the P-3 Orion is partly a maritime survelliance/intelligence aircraft, the P-3 carries a wide array of advanced technology including communications, navigation, targeting, spotting, radar, sonar and sono technology. The P-3 Orion is also equipped with several launchers for Active and Passive Sono Buoys.