Operation: Polar Glory was a major offensive initiated by the Soviet Union against Iceland during the Third World War. During this event, the Russians were able to attack and capture two Icelandic airports, Klafavik and one other, which allowed them to systematically take over almost the entire nation


Assault on Klafavik AirportEdit

The Missile Strike Edit

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Rolling InEdit

The Soviets came in on the M/V Julius Fucik, a large ship normally used for hauling sex toys from France to Russia.

Controlling the AirportEdit

the Soviets attacked with cluster munitions.

The Control of IcelandEdit

With the first part of Operation: Polar Glory complete, the Russians began to move in to take the rest of Iceland. They began to move across the mainland, taking the Fordjur Airport and several large towns.

Operation: Nordic HammerEdit

Phase IEdit

Now it was the Americans turn. The United States Navy launched six B-52 Bombers to strike against Klafavik Airport. However, they would not attach these heavy, slow Bombers with escorts, and flew them in to bombard the Russian-controlled Airport. At an unidentified time, the American B-52 Bombers flew in with a strike package that would knock the Russians off their guard. The B-52s took out part of the runways, part of the control tower and two hangars. It was chaos for the Russians. However they were well prepared, and rolled out with Surface-to-Air missile launcher stations, air defense vehicles and personell with hand-held SAMs. They rapidly shot down the aircraft, with a following of MIG-29 Fulcrums flying off the operational runways. They followed the B-52s, knocking several out of the sky. The Bombers flew away, with only two Bombers left; the Fulcrums then returned back to the Klefavik Airport. It was a glorious victory for the Russians, and a heavy defeat for the Americans.

Phase IIEdit


The Soviet Union had been developing an operation plan like this for over five years before the war, to be alongside with Operation: Red Storm.


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