The National Security Council is an organization of the United States Federal Government, specifically the Legislative Branch. The purpose and authority of the NSC is to designate a defense plan against the presence of the Soviet Union. It was formed in the year 1947 by the National Security Act initiated and created by then President Harry S. Truman. It was created to make an defense command authority for all of the armed forces branches, as well as other forces/branches of defense and security; such as the entire United States Armed Forces the National Secuity Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Beaura Investigation. The NSC is comprised of a number of members, including several NSC advisors, the Chairman, three Statuary Attendees, a Military Advisor, an Intelligence Advisor, a Drug Policy Advisor and many regular Attendees. The meeting that the NSC holds is known as the National Security Meeting, which is usually held in the Situation Room, located in the White House.