Moscow was the capital of Russia and the Soviet Union, and/or the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics. Here the Soviet Government worked and operated to guide, improve and refit Mother Russia and the all-powerful Soviet Union. All major operations that were undertaken by the Soviet Union, such as the invasion of NATO, were directed by the government in Moscow, as well as all military forces around the world

Notable Areas Of MoscowEdit

There are many, many notable and great areas of Moscow. There is Red Square, where many, many people come to the area to enjoy the surroundings and other reasons. Occasionally, parades and military parades come to celebrate holidays and victories of Russia and the Soviet Union. There is also St. Basil's Cathedral, which is the oldest and biggest Cathdral in Russia. the Cathedral is located onto the side of the Red Square. There is also the Kremlin, which is a fortified complex located directly at the heart of Russia, overlooking the Moskava River. The President of Russia resides, operates and works in the Kremlin, and essentially, the rest of the entire Soviet Government is located there, where they also work and operate there.


Prelude To World War IIIEdit

During the prelude to Operation: Red Storm, the Politburo met at the Kremlin in Moscow to discuss the massive amounts of lost oil that were lost to the major fire that had swept the Nizhnevartovsk Oil Field. They had decided that they would need to take the oil fields in the Gulf in order to resupply the oil needs. However in doing this, this would trigger a response from the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United States. To prevent this, Operation: Red Storm was devised. Iceland would be invaded by an amphibious assault force and Western Europe would be assaulted by the land and air with a mechanized assault force. And the North Atlantic would be controlled by the Soviet Navy with the might of the naval aviation. All this would happen at once, with the training and revision of exactly four months, but by then, Operation: Red Storm would begin, and Iceland and Western Europe would fall, with the North Atlantic controlled by the Russians and the U.S being cut off from Western Europe. To the Soviet Union, it would be a surefire victory and fortunately for them, the rest of the world was completely silent and had absolutely no idea about it, until it would happen.