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The Mi-24 Hind.

The Mi-24 Hind is a Soviet heavy attack helicopter. It is heavily armored and armed, equipped with an array of deadly weapons. It can also carry up to ten armed troops, with an additional two door gunners. The Hind is considered to be a true killing machine, being densely armored and packed to the brim with destructive weapons, and being able to carry troops. Besides these features, the Hind literally looks terrifying, its structure and paint markings make it look like a killing machine, which by textbook military definition, it is. It notably served during Operation: Polar Glory, in Iceland, as well as in Operation: Red Storm, throughout Western and Northern Europe, most notably in Germany.



The Mi-24 Hind is a heavy attack helicopter, designated by the Soviet and Russian Armed Forces as a true killing machine and used for close air support. The Mi-24 Hind is used for a number of roles, including assault, defense, escort and patrol.


The Mi-24 has four crew members to operate and defend the aircraft. There are two crew members who control the Hind, seated in a tandem position in the foward-part of the aircraft. First there is a Pilot, whose job is controlling and manuvering the aircraft, as well as controlling communications and navigation for the Hind and even serves as a Fire Control Officer/Tactical Action Officer, who operates the Fire Direction Control. Second, there is the Gunner, who controls all weapons of the aircraft, and who targets and fires upon at designated targets. Lastly there are two gunners at the sides of the aircraft, who use PKT 7.62mm Machine Guns to help defend the sides of the aircraft against oncoming threats.


The Mi-24 Hind is capable of carrying up to ten fully armored and armed troops in its rear cargo bay. The vehicles, after landing, is easily capable of deploying these troops in a rapid, strategic/tactical insertion maneuver.


  1. Red Storm Rising