Klefavik is a medium-sized city located in Iceland. The city is near the Klefavik Airport, which is a major international airport. The area generates a substantial amount of tourism, which adds to the popularity of the entire area. During the Third World War, the Soviets initiated Operation: Polar Glory, which was a preemptive, tactical strike commenced upon the North Atlantic and Iceland. Because Klefavik was near the Klefavik International Airport, as well as being a medium-sized city with a substantial amount of tourism, the Soviets decided to invade the city. They then launched a suprise, preemptive, textbook tactical military invasion upon the city of Klefavik.


Operation: Polar GloryEdit

The First AttackEdit

At an unidentified time, the Soviets launched a suprise, amphibious, textbook military invasion upon Iceland. Using large, tracked AAV/U, the Soviets deployed large numbers of forces that poured into Klefavik and Klefavik Airport, after making a desicisive, preemptive, tactical missile strike upon the Klefavik Airport. The quickly took over the entire area, with the Russian forces controlling the coastline and moving into Klefavik Airport and the medium-sized city of Klefavik.


In a campaign of rapid dominance, the Soviets were able to penetrate the defense systems and systematically take over the entire area. With this assault, the Soviets now controlled and occupied the city of Klefavik. Despite this occupation, the Soviets deployed few numbers of forces into Klefavik, as the city was not their primary objective. Only several T-72s, T-80s, BMP-2s and infantry were seen in the streets of the city, committing only to patrol and sentry duties.