Usaf Boeing B-52

The B-52 Stratofortress.

The B-52 Stratofortress is an American United States Air Force strategic/tactical heavy bomber. They are capable of carry incredibly huge amounts of payload, capable of destroying entire military bases in under one minute. However they are quite slow, despite heavy armor, which makes them extremely vulnerable to AA fire and SAMs; this drawback allows them to be shot down very easily. Several B-52s were notably used during Operation: Nordic Hammer, where they took murderous losses, but were finally able to penetrate the defenses and destroy several parts of Klefavik.



The B-52 Stratofortress is both a strategic and a tactical heavy bomber, used for direct and precise bombing runs of enemy positions. With suprise tactics, the B-52 can be manuevered high into the sky and be inserted to deliver devastating amounts of its payload, which would have disastrous effects on the enemy.


The B-52 is a large aircraft, and thus has a large crew. The crew number is five. There is a pilot and co-pilot, who drive and manuever the aircraft while in flight. Then there is a Radar Navigator, who operates both Radar equipment and frequencies, plus helps with navigating the aircraft. Then, there is the Navigator, who helps with navigating the aircraft. Lastly, there is the Electronic Warfare Officer, who supports in overcoming enemy electronic warfare, as well as targeting enemy aircraft to fire their own defensive/offensive electronic weapons. The EWOs duties include activating enemy threat systems, using defensive/offensive electronic weapons and deterring, denying and overcoming enemy air defense systems such as AA and SAMs.


The B-52 is armed with an extreme amount of deadly weapons that are a part of its entire payload. These weapons are capable of being deployed via a center-ventralm, payload cargo bay. At the tail-end of the aircraft, is a machine gun nest where a gunner can be where he has a good firing position.


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