The Air Battle of the North Atlantic was an unnamed air battle over the North Atlantic. It was a massive air battle, involving dozens of aircraft and several large naval vessels. Both the Americans and the Soviets had heavy losses, however it was a desisive Soviet victory.



Because of the rapidly increased Soviet naval activity in the North Atlantic, with Submarines abroad, they were able to detect the American naval battle group moving around in the area. They relayed the information to the Soviet-occupied Klefavik Airport, which launched dozens of Tu-16 Tupolevs/Badgers heading straight for the batt undetected. Umm, the bombers came from the Kola peninsula not Iceland. They used TU-22M Backfires for the attack. The Badgers were just used to launch decoy drones to draw the American CAP away from the carriers. Once the F-14's were off chasing the drones, the Backfires launched the real Soviet attack. The Nimitz was severely damaged, the Foch was sunk and the Saratoga was slightly damaged. Also the Saipan was blown up killing many Marines. The cruiser Ticonderoga was also badly damaged.

The Air BattleEdit

As the Tu-16s came in straight for the American battle group and flew at exactly 30,000 feet, NSA Intelligence Officer Robert Toland detected the aircraft moving into position. He reported this to Admiral Svenson and the Air Combat Commander, and three F-16 Eagles were scrambled to dispatch for the Tu-16s. What drugs are you on? Since when does the US Navy use F-16's? Stupid cock.


The aftermath of the attack was incredible. There were dozens of casualties, parts of the aft and starboard sides were in flames, and the Combat Information Center had been partially blown up. Three other ships, a destroyer and two frigates, were completely obliterated and in flames. They had sunk, and all hands were lost. Fortunately, the rest of the fleet was operational and afloat, and were now at full-steam ahead to Europe. As for the remaining Tu-16 Tupolevs, they had returned to an unidentified airbase to be refueld and rearmed. However there were Allied fighters and bombers in the air to intercept the Soviet bombers before they could reach the Allied Battle Group. Wow you're a real shithead. It amazes me how really horrible this review is. Did you really read the book or just make it up in your head. You're a fucking dildo.